Extractions From Cannabis Concentrates

EXTRACCION USO MEDICINALMarijuana concentrates are all the rage in the Yankee and Canadian cannabis culture, the result of good extractions is a pure substance that can be found in the flowers of cannabis.

Cannabis is medicine and mix it with tobacco to consume is an error, tobacco masks its full effect, flavor and texture, if we really want to enjoy all the features and benefits that gives us marijuana is necessary to know the different concentrates (Budder, Oil, Glass, Wax etc …) that exist today, and of course how to perform them.

There are mainly two techniques when performing marijuana concentrates. Those using chemical solvents as n-butane, ethanol, etc. and instead use an environmental technology, water and ice. Both methods work well if you know how to use.

Chemical solvent extractions.

BHO (Butane Hash Oil):

This stands to define concentrate quintessential American growers. It is an extraction which is used as solvent 0% Butane impurities.

The technique is simple but has its risks as it is a volatile gas such as butane gas. Buds are inserted normally into stainless steel or borosilicate tubes, by the end of the tube the gas bottle is discharged to be passed through the tube by dissolving the cannabinoids and the marijuana resin. It is typically used as a filter or a mesh of 50 microns or coffee filters. And the result is an oil of power and unmatched flavor.



It is a way of presenting the BHO crystallized form.

If the extraction is well made, cannabis oil crystallized after heating at temperatures above sixty degrees.



The Budder is a concentrate obtained by applying heat to the extraction of a BHO. If we subject the oil to a temperature of about 50 degrees, its texture will become stronger.


100% Organic Extractions

To make a cannabis extraction with ecological method, you need ice and different meshes of different micron ratings, to remove the trichomes from the plant.


Although there are different names to call the result of water hash extraction: bubble hash, hash-ice, ice wax solvent less, water hash, FMCD etc …, the work is summarized mixing cannabis flowers in ice and filtering it with bags of different micron ratings, as Bubble Bags.


Extracción-CON HIELO

Concentrate such as oils normally smoked in pyrex pipes. These pipes are works of art made by borosilicate glass blowers where it makes the most concentrated. There are different models and forms from bubblers, bongs, oilers…


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