Drying homemade with cardboard box

In this manual, we caught a case where beer bottles go. But any box serves, the size you want. We chose this because it is what we had on hand, and for its small size, come in handy for drying autoflowering cannabis plants. Say drying quality is much better to hang in a room without the necessary conditions.


Let’s see, the list of materials we need ..

  1. Plug,
  2. Screw with nut and washer,
  3. Knife,
  4. Scissors,
  5. Wire,
  6. And of course, a box …


Let the mess … to prepare our drying box .. The first thing to do is make a cut to a door, and put and comfortably remove our flowers.



With a knife, cut the shape of the door. For the 3 sides marked in black.

Now we have to make the shape of door, we press with one hand on the face where we find no cut, and the other, we opened the door slowly, pressing ever hand you are spoiled not cut the box, to form a hinge. It is difficult to explain in words but see that it is easy as I say, simply open the door.

After this, with the knife, we do a couple of racks, ventilation, must make the cut, almost touching the hand that we take the knife in the box to pass the minimum of light, and possible bugs.


Now we make the holes to put the wire to hang the flowers.

For this size box, put two wires at the top, and another 2 in the middle of the box or so .. So do four holes.

Now let tucking the wire through the holes making clotheslines.

In the pictures you can see how we do.

At the base of the box, put a sheet to collect what might fall, and put to dry there, the smaller buds can not hang.





Come on, put a knob to open and close the door comfortably. As in LBV we love recycling, we used a plastic cap and knob. And a screw with nut and washer, which was around the corner. You could also buy a knob, not worth very expensive in Chinese shops.

We have to make a hole to plug in the center. (With scissors done very well).





Now let the box, and we make a hole (we used scissors to make it.) And we put the plug with screw in that hole, now we screw it on the other side, and we can not let go.





Well, we have our dryer ready for use.


In this picture, we released the closet, with fast bud f3 buds.


We hope you liked it ..

Source: laburlaverde

Author/Photos: jonasi

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