Pest and Fungi: Whitefly


Whitefly is called by its presence of two wings and white appearance, does not exceed 2 mm in length. The wings serve to move from one plant to another with relative ease. During the winter it is permanently on the undersides of the leaves. They are attracted by the yellow and light green. It feeds on young leaves and plant parts. The whitefly is very easy to spot, just move a little plant Grasp the stem, so fly away from it. They are very small and as its name suggests, white.

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Pest and Fungi: Red Spider


The red spider is a mite with four legs, an abdomen and head. Its size is approximately 0.5 mm and has a peculiar feature in its color, is light green with two black spots in the summer months and orange unblemished in autumn and winter.

In short, at different stages of development presents colorful distinct as white, beige, red-brown and green, depending also on the tree or plant you stay or time of year.

Underside of a leaf with red spider.
Underside of a leaf with red spider.

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Ivy Extract: Effective insecticide against whitefly

This time we will talk about a very common creeper plant, to which we are accustomed to seeing, which can serve as a powerful Insectproof and insecticide, of our enemies insects; The Common ivy or Hedera helix, who does not know? So at our hand and such abundance at our disposal, the fermented extract is Insectproof and even insecticide.

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The dangers of the fungus Botrytis

Botrytis cinerea is a fungus endoparasitic type, since it affects the internal organs of plants. Its spores germinate and are inserted into the tissues, since natural openings, the stomata and certain wounds act as gateways. In the case of cannabis, it is common to get infected by air. In some cases, the plants are contaminated prematurely and gray mold, as it is also known, remains dormant until it can develop when it is on the ideal environment for this.

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Post Harvest Precautions For Caterpillars

orugasAfter harvest marijuana plants we hang head down plants for drying cannabis. Thus plants lose moisture and stop being a good hiding place for the caterpillars that may have survived the purge on hand.

These caterpillars leave the plant to run its course and be able to turn into butterflies so we can see just when the plants are dried, we can see the tracks sag Bud rappelling to the ground. Continue reading

Fighting Miners In A Growing Cannabis

250px Phyllocnistis citrella adult1 Combatir Minadores En Un Cultivo De MarihuanaThe Phyllocnistis citrella is an insect known as miner, which attacks different types of crops, including marijuana.

The miners are small flies that do not usually measure more than 5 mm, they like to live inside the leaves and make galleries including killing all the leaves and stems entirely if not remediated. Continue reading