Differences Between Sativa, Indica &Hybrid

When come the time to establish a difference between two samples of cannabis, it should firstly know what “class” owns the plant.

The two main types are the Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica.


Cannabis Sativa

Wild ThailandCannabis Sativa grow taller and more slender, slim, as the Indica.

Sativa varieties are from to the equatorial countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Thailand or Southeast Asia and are grown in a warm climate.

Sativa leaves are narrower than those of Indica and generally have a lighter shade of green.

The plants Sativa are known to stretch over great heights up to 6 meters when grown outdoors, they also have a longer period of growth.

When the plant comes into bloom, the full maturation is obtained between 10 and 16 weeks (up to 20 times).

With so extensive development periods, these plants produce typically yields higher than obtained with varieties Indica, although they have an average concentration of THC lower than that of Indica .

Sativa plants are known to possess a strong smell “hot”, with flavors ranging from sweet and fruity to earthy, with hints of diesel fuel.

Aromatic differences correspond to the “terpenes profile.”


Sativa varieties produce a high stimulant and brain. These are the varieties that are most likely to produce euphoria but also allow you to engage in deep conversations about the meaning of life.

These strains also allow a thorough analysis and creativity, which makes the Cannabis Sativa very popular among philosophers, scientists, artists and musicians.

Some Sativa even have the ability to increase your sensitivity to light and sounds, music, movies and the rest of your environment become more dynamic than ever.


Sativa are particularly effective in the treatment of mental and behavioral problems such as stress, anxiety, depression and ADHD.

Cannabis Indica

Star 47Conversely, Indica are dense and stout, it also underperformed but are rich in THC than sativa.

These plants are considered from the Middle East (Afghanistan and Pakistan) and thrive in cold environments. The Indica leaves are dark and wide.

Because of their limited height, the Indica varieties are ideal for indoor growing. Flowering lasts 8 to 12 weeks. Flavors and odors Cannabis Indica include; pine, skunk pungent, earthy or soft and sweet fruit flavor.

The effects produced by Indica strains are very relaxing and narcotics, usually with a strong effect of torpor on the body or effect “couch-locked” (locked-out sofa).

Indica varieties are perfect for past days on the couch watching TV or surf the web. However most people use Cannabis Indica after a long day at work to relieve stress, relieve pain and help the body to fall asleep at night.


The Indica are ideal for chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, nausea, appetite stimulation, and sleep deprivation.

Individuals with diseases such as multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, lupus, the Sleep apnea and insomnia are likely to benefit from the effects of Cannabis Indica .

The case of Hybrids

There is a very wide range of varieties of Cannabis between Indica and Sativa . The majority currently on the market varieties is termed “Hybrid” and display features directly from their genetic lineage.

Hybrids can be divided into three basic categories, the dominant Sativa , dominant Indica and hybrid 50/50.

Other types of Cannabissativa-and-indica-280x392

Cannabis Ruderalis is another type of cannabis that is just beginning to discover the potential benefits.

Such Cannabis grows wild in parts of Eastern Europe and Russia; it is accustomed to a climate colder.

The ruderalis contains percentages of THC lower.

It is often crossed with Sativa strains to produce plants short and able to bloom outdoors in the north, normally difficult thing for Cannabis Sativa.

Hybrids are called Auto-Flowering because of the short flowering period offered through genetic Ruderalis (2-3 weeks after germination )

These strains are also more resistant to insects and diseases.

It also has a high content of CBD .


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