The dangers of the fungus Botrytis

Botrytis cinerea is a fungus endoparasitic type, since it affects the internal organs of plants. Its spores germinate and are inserted into the tissues, since natural openings, the stomata and certain wounds act as gateways. In the case of cannabis, it is common to get infected by air. In some cases, the plants are contaminated prematurely and gray mold, as it is also known, remains dormant until it can develop when it is on the ideal environment for this.


An infection by Botrytis cinerea can occur after harvest, in particular during drying if this process is carried out under optimal conditions. This fungus tends to proliferate when the ambient temperature is warm and relative humidity reaches high values. However, this organism can contaminate a plant when weather conditions are unfavorable and become dormant until the appropriate factors are present, as mentioned above.


To the wind, it disperses Botrytis, so it is important to avoid a surplus of nitrogen fertilizer, as this increases the vegetative growth and therefore the foliage, which serves as barrier to the passage of air.


The first indications that make suspect the presence of this fungus in a culture of marijuana is the appearance of desiccation on the leaves. Specifically, over the limbo. Inside stains, may be a series of concentric lines of a darker hue. If the humidity is high, then the stems of Botrytis mycelia characteristic grayish. Other typical symptoms are spots (oblong, opaque) coming in outbreaks.

To avoid contamination caused by this fungus, is essential to conduct preventive actions. And, if infection develops, itBotritis-1 is very difficult to end it radically. To protect plants, it is advisable to perform treatments every two weeks or penetrating systemic fungicides.

sipcamAnother measure that usually gives good results is to not use too much nitrogen fertilizer as well as perform leafless to enhance air movement and dispersion of the fungicide to the whole plant. Another option you have is to turn Cannabis Growers the ecological treatments such as multipurpose fungicide Beltasur (Probelte) or systemic broad-spectrum fungicide Sipcam.

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