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The cannabis or marijuana is consumed increasingly more to alleviate ailments and treat different diseases, there is also a recreational use and in this case if we consume in moderation can provide interesting experiences, be more creative, reduce stress, and elating see everyday problems from another perspective.

Ipiensa en verde Consumir  Marihuana n Piensa En Verde we advise using marijuana with his head sporadically and occasionally, so we will give you some hints for enjoying the cannabis plant and not by the mere fact of intoxication.

Choose a suitable environment is important to fully enjoy the effects of marijuana, the context and the people who share certainly will change your experience, as well whenever you can it is better vaporize cannabis than smoke it, thus we will avoid irritation of the respiratory tract.

images6 150x150 Consumir  Marihuana It is not advisable to use marijuana in the morning if we are to perform tasks requiring concentration or we will take the car, we must also avoid mixing with other drugs.

If you are a regular user of cannabis, you know that your body gets used and is necessary to increase the dose to obtain the same effects, if you stop consuming when you resume, you enjoy more than before. If you are not used to consuming cannabis then you have to start slowly, otherwise you run the risk of dizzy, have anxiety or low blood tension.

If after smoking you have any symptoms described above, lie down with your feet up for a few minutes and drink a sugary drink.images1 150x150 Consumir  Marihuana

Take care of your relationship with marijuana, in the end it is we who must reflect on how we use and its place in our lives.

We must be attentive to signs indicating that the consumer may be having an impact on our daily lives, whether at work, with family or other nature.

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