How to Clean Water Pipe Oiler BHO

How to clean Water Pipe Oiler BHO, one thing that seems impossible when you see that does not open anywhere and is full of traces of oil inside, and it seems that it will not get anything for much water to shake. Now we will show you a system that taught me a great master of BHO in Valencia, but the truth is that when I saw it I was impressed how quickly and how well done it is.


When we hit a few puffs in our water pipe, it shall be filled with debris, like this picture. With the help of the Alcohol, we can clean it in a very simple way with no mess and no need to spend much on materials. Only Alcohol and Sal you need to let new as the first day.


What we should do is to take a pinch of salt in our empty pipe, with a couple of pinches be sufficient, we must not be exceeded. Then we add a couple of fingers of alcohol by the nozzle and ready, to shake !!


To shake, what we should do is cover with finger holes where can escape alcohol and shake hard, like a milkshake, emphasizing areas where more oil is stuck, you’ll see how it goes out without much effort, you just have to shake.


Once the pipe is clean, we will remove alcohol from the pipe and all the salt, which seems that it will take more time water filling and emptying, but no. Take off the handle to the shower hose and insert the hose through the hole larger pipe, open water and shake as before, until you see that there is no salt inside.


When everything is ready, we will only try it if alcohol vapors are in the pipe, because not like to give the first puff to the pipe and tastes like alcohol.


Now we have to clean the hood of the pipe, and titanium nail, we will have to use a bowl and a bit of alcohol, fill the bowl with a couple of fingers of alcohol and immerse the hood and nail. With the help of a paper, you can help you to clean traces of oil into the part, to clean the nail, also help yourself with the paper or the Dabber.


Now that we have clean our water pipe oiler BHO, almost like new, it’s time to attack again and still vaporizing our BHO.

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