Chicken with cannabis sauce

Today we will make the rich sauce chicken with cannabis.

We will make a delicious cannabis sauce to accompany our meats.One of my favorite!

Chicken with cannabis sauce

You will see how rich is this sauce. To me, I like so much, I prepared in large quantities and reserve it in glass jars to refrigerate. You can put up with a week in the fridge and use it on almost everything.


  • 1 fresh or frozen chicken (or any meat)
  • 120 ml of cannabis butter
  • 60 ml of Flour (approximately)
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons cannabis flour (approximately, depending on the consistency. Always one-eighth of the amount of white flour to be added)
  • 30 ml of milk (about)
  • Salt
  • Freshly ground pepper

recipe for cannabis butter In this video

Here you can see flour cannabis recipe.


  1. We can bake or make grilled chicken.

    cannabis butter
  2. In the oven it remain much more juicy, in either case make it with cannabis butter low heat for its juice is retained.
  3. One trick is to impregnate the chicken with cold butter, pepper to pleasure and place it over low heat in the pan to go releasing its juice, and not be dry, plus get a golden color.

For cannabis sauce:

  1. Add to frying pan and medium heat milk with cannabis butter and let mixing gently so that the fat in milk is well perfect-creamy-alfredo-chicken-pasta-21blended.
  2. Just when it begins to boil we lower the temperature and will slowly adding white flour gradually and will vigorously mixing it with some Barillas.
  3. We let thicken and take the desired consistency.
  4. Then and even with the heat low we add the small amount of marijuana flour and continue mixing until blended well.
  5. Add salt and pepper to taste.

And ¡Enjoy your meal !! … Delicious


The rise and duration of a buzz varies greatly depending on whether ingested or smoked marijuana. When smoked, the rush comes about five or ten minutes later. When ingested, can spend an hour or more until the rush is noticed. Since the desired psychedelic effect is not seen immediately, sometimes we fall into the trap to keep eating, to end in an overdose. And you can still be worse since it is possible that the buzz lasts five hours or more! So while your body is used to dope, watch the amount of marijuana you consume at a meal: it is better not to repeat than sorry. If you grow your own herbs, find out where the grass and make sure the buds have not been irrigated with pesticides or other chemicals which may harm comes.


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