Liquor Marijuana Recipe

licor de marihuanaDrink with lots MODERATION!

Well F! Today I bring you 2 ways to make cannabis liquor! It is very good but not forget that marijuana / alcohol is a strong mix and we must be very many moderation, I do not recommend more than half a glass per night and like to keep warm haha!!

1) This is the easiest, is a mixture of hard liquor with cannabis. It is rich with whiskey! Continue reading

How Hashish Is Made

Hashish or cost is usually brown substance with a high concentration of THC and similar to the flowers of the female haschichcannabis plant composition. The best hashish in the world is produced in Morocco and usually has an egg shape. The Hashish is appreciated by many consumers of cannabis for its special flavor, smell and concentrated size, this makes it more discreet than the buds of marijuana.

To enjoy good quality hashish, unadulterated and homemade, before we have to make a resin extraction.

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The Medical Marijuana Advances In Kitchen

Extract the essence of cannabis to give culinary application. Evolution is particularly noticeable in the refinement of the dishes that use cannabis to give it a “special” touch to menus.

The slow progress of the use of marijuana for medical purposes in the United States has paved the way for this substance to the kitchens, which is valued not only because it leaves everyone happy diners, also for its flavor. Continue reading

Extractions From Cannabis Concentrates

EXTRACCION USO MEDICINALMarijuana concentrates are all the rage in the Yankee and Canadian cannabis culture, the result of good extractions is a pure substance that can be found in the flowers of cannabis.

Cannabis is medicine and mix it with tobacco to consume is an error, tobacco masks its full effect, flavor and texture, if we really want to enjoy all the features and benefits that gives us marijuana is necessary to know the different concentrates (Budder, Oil, Glass, Wax etc …) that exist today, and of course how to perform them. Continue reading