How To Make A Joint To Be Less Harmful As Possible?

This page describes how consuming marijuana for a regular smoker (who also usually dispense with the filter in these cases), but strongly recommend using vaporizers to consume our flowers without putting our health at risk.

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Cannabis Varieties High In CBD

The main seed banks are working right now in varieties with high CBD content, is a step towards the therapeutic use of cannabis. The Cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance found in marijuana plants and has been scientifically proven to be an excellent anti-inflammatory, bringing major benefits to patients with Alzheimer’s and cancer, thanks to their power to inhibit, reduce the growth of blood vessels surrounding cancerous tumors.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

Then I leave a selection of feminized and autoflowering seeds with high content in cannabidiol (CBD). Continue reading

Features Blueberry Marijuana

129_Blueberry -Dutch Passion-PiensaEnVerdeThe main features of blueberry family are: smooth, fruity (berries, berries, grapes), sweet and pleasant flavors. On the other hand, are varieties with powerful effects and they tend to a violet color at the end of flowering with a dense, filled with resin with a good yield and buds.

During the 1990s, DJ Short shared their varieties with the Dutch manufacturer of seeds Dutch Passion marijuana. Today we still find some varieties of the blue family in the Dutch Passion catalog as course Blueberry, but also Blue Moonshine, Original Flo, a version of Auto Blueberry autoflowering marijuana. We also found a very interesting hybrid Mazar X Blueberry called Skywalker. Continue reading

History Of The Term 420 Associated With Marijuana

The history of the term 420 began any day of the year 1971 at the High School of San Rafael, California. The 420datingWaldo Brothers (The Waldos), students at the school, knew of a person who could no longer care for the land where he grew marijuana near a place called Point Reyes.

Statue of Louis Pasteur, at San Rafael High School, which is said to be the site of the original 4:20 gatherings.

The Waldos and some friends, decided to uproot plants and gain a good supply of grass. It was established as usual, based on school schedules and activities, meet at 4:20 pm to smoke marijuana at the statue erected in honor of Louis Pasteur. “4:20 Louis” was the password provided for the appointment.


Over time, the term 4:20 gained popularity spontaneously and 420 worked as a secret code unknown to parents and teachers who gathered to friends to smoke a joint. Continue reading

Evolutionary Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation (B) On Power Psychoactive Of Cannabis

psychedelic-marijuana-leaf-1After reviewing the scientific literature about the psychoactive cannabis potency, the opinion of the author is that Ultraviolet radiation type (B) represent the single most important environmental factor in developing varieties with extreme narcotic characteristics. Ultraviolet radiation (B) (UV-B) are defined as a portion of the spectrum electromagnetic, between 280 and 315 nanometers. Continue reading

How To Measure pH Of The Soil

pH Of The SoilToday we will explain the process to measure the pH of our soil, using our meters to measure the pH of liquids.

Components required to measure pH soil:

  •  Substrate that we will measure (if it comes from a pot is best picked up from various areas and depths).
  •  Distilled water.
  •  PH meter.
  •  A container.
  •  A filter for coffee, a rag, a sieve …. Continue reading

Make Your Own Substrate For Growing Cannabis

We know that cannabis can consume large amounts of fertilizer during development. Most substrates of the market, even those that are fertilized, do not contain all the necessary nutrients for our plants. If you want a spectacular flowering growth we recommend you make your own soil mix, is very easy and the end results will improve spectacularly.

ferilizar 1

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Maintenance And Cleaning of Ph And Ec Meters

1115_medidor-ph-wassertech-piensaenverdeThis time I am going to give some of advices to the electrodes from your digital meter Ph and Ec are always maintained as the first day. The digital tester Ph and Ec are used in the self-cultivation of cannabis for its affordable price and its ease of use and reading.

Of course they are extraordinary allies for all good grower of marijuana. Perhaps the only downside we can put at this type of meter is its low durability, being necessary to change the electrodes or even the whole tester after a while. So we must keep a careful maintenance and thorough cleaning before use, and especially after. Continue reading