The cannabis culture and gourmet cuisine, a delicious revolution of consciousness

Cannabis has never left the kitchen, but today is entering the most exclusive of them. Here are some stories about how a small legislative step can mean extraordinary cultural contribution.


With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and elsewhere in the United States last year, cannabis culture peered from the margins towards new forms of cultural expression. As always, so long repressed returns in socially acceptable ways to build ad hoc markets. In the case of cannabis, as gourmet cuisine.

And to pass a joint from hand to hand is not the only way to enjoy the soothing effects and expanders of cannabis: its edible form, in addition to providing much more potent effects on the body ( which must know Regular ) offers new forms of enjoyment.


The site The Stoner’s Cookbook (something like “The Cookbook pacheco”) has 6 million active users and since the legalization of cannabis, its traffic increased 500%.

Matt Gray, a founder of the site said that “in terms of food, cannabis will be seen only as another spice or herb that can be added to dishes to invoke a medicinal effect and a unique flavor.”

Recall that the cannabis was legalized in the US started under the premise of being a “medicinal” substance and not just recreational. Thus, according to Gray, anyone “can make a medicinal salad to his mother, who may be going cannabis-gourmet-2through chemotherapy, so you can sleep at night.”

An event in Denver called The Medicated Chef offers a version of the popular show Iron Chef but with a much more stimulating ingredient … Many local high-level chefs and cooks have prepared dishes like steak on flatbread with arugula and aioli cannabis. According to reporter Chris Dannen, one does not smell the magic ingredient, but definitely feel it after a while.

But even in the US will soon open a restaurant that offers dishes prepared with cannabis: according to Gray and other experts, the cannabis revolution taking place in the kitchens of amateur chefs and groups of friends gather to cook with this ingredient. Illegality and the prejudices of the mainstream culture make this a slow but steady revolution. Just as the effects of a delicious chocolate chip cookie cannabis after a couple of hours.


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