How to protect your newly germinated seeds

The newly germinated seeds of cannabis are like candy for the animals that live among us. “How many times we have seen our little seeds disappear within days if any germinated due to birds, snails, etc..”

Well, here we show a simple and inexpensive way to avoid these mishaps. While avoiding these lovely but annoying animals and insects we also solve the frosts of April and May that while the first rays of sun make us think that we are entering summer can not fall into this error as these months bring as much sun as cold and rainy. Continue reading

Stimulator Homemade Root Growth And Flowering

In times of crisis currently running …. any savings is always welcome, so let’s teach you to make your own homemade root stimulator, growth and bloom, at a ridiculous cost.

The trick of this preparation lies in auxin, a hormone that stimulate marijuana plant growth naturally. They are widely used in all types of agriculture, exhibited no toxicity and are 100% BIO.

Let us look Auxin they are and how they work (obtained from the wiki) : Continue reading

How To Measure pH Of The Soil

pH Of The SoilToday we will explain the process to measure the pH of our soil, using our meters to measure the pH of liquids.

Components required to measure pH soil:

  •  Substrate that we will measure (if it comes from a pot is best picked up from various areas and depths).
  •  Distilled water.
  •  PH meter.
  •  A container.
  •  A filter for coffee, a rag, a sieve …. Continue reading

Make Your Own Substrate For Growing Cannabis

We know that cannabis can consume large amounts of fertilizer during development. Most substrates of the market, even those that are fertilized, do not contain all the necessary nutrients for our plants. If you want a spectacular flowering growth we recommend you make your own soil mix, is very easy and the end results will improve spectacularly.

ferilizar 1

Continue reading

Maintenance And Cleaning of Ph And Ec Meters

1115_medidor-ph-wassertech-piensaenverdeThis time I am going to give some of advices to the electrodes from your digital meter Ph and Ec are always maintained as the first day. The digital tester Ph and Ec are used in the self-cultivation of cannabis for its affordable price and its ease of use and reading.

Of course they are extraordinary allies for all good grower of marijuana. Perhaps the only downside we can put at this type of meter is its low durability, being necessary to change the electrodes or even the whole tester after a while. So we must keep a careful maintenance and thorough cleaning before use, and especially after. Continue reading

Frequent Problems Growing Cannabis

Cultivate strong and good quality cannabis is not only to plant a seed and let it grow by giving only water and soil in which cling. Cultivating cannabis needs more dedication.

The plant needs the best environment to develop its full potential and to harvest the maximum we can from a plant…

This frequent problems section will help us to know what can happen to our plants, so we can avoid it before it’s too late. Continue reading

Growing Skunk # 1 Outdoor

Here you have something that can help in planning outdoor crops using as a model the Skunk # 1 variety grown near the 35th parallel.

Indoors the skunk is a variety of flowering 60 days, began to flourish outdoors in early July, for August first was already quite developed and collected on September 1. Continue reading