Cannabis and driving 30 times less dangerous than drinking and driving

Opponents of legalization of cannabis will have to find another argument that road safety to defend the prohibition of cannabis. A scientific study unnoticed or ignored published in June completely undermines their thesis. Just read the title to understand.


Increasingly short argument against the legalization of cannabis, opponents of the legalization of this plant have chosen as the new workhorse that of road safety and have made ​​a habit every serious accident make much of traffic involving a consumer and enjoy the emotional charge that can create such an accident as far as to demonize this plant and it can impose their visions of the world.


But when is it really? Cannabis is it as dangerous as they would have us believe? Against all odds, it seems not!

A team of scientists discussed extensively on the subject and made ​​a series of incredible revelations when publishing the results of their work.

In fact, their study in parallel in different countries which focuses on the dangers of the use of psychotropic substances which are legal driving (alcohol and drugs) or illegal (cocaine, heroin, metaamphetamine, cannabis …) associated or not, has just been published on the website Analysys Accident & Prevention and the results are the antithesis of the speeches by all board policies. Policies which hammer on all the waves that marijuana kills on the roads, and hide behind this argument to delay the legalization of this plant as is already the case in Uruguay or in two US states.


This study not only light that cannabis is by far the least hazardous substance in all psychotropic substances studied before taking the wheel unlike alcohol, while legal, is the most dangerous substance.alcoholvsweed

Another highlight, and not least, it is thirty times more dangerous to drive by having more 0.8 g of alcohol per liter of blood from driving after consuming cannabis and whatever the amount consumed.

And to top it all, in some If cannabis use would have improved the drivers driving performance.

To believe the published studies on cannabis, the major risk for a consumer always seems to be one challenge.


Source: cannaweed

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