Best-selling marijuana seeds in 2011

Last year was definitely the year of autoflowering marijuana seeds.

Year on year they are becoming the most sold cannabis seeds in the world, and some well-known European seed banks even have third generation strains in their catalogues.
If you want to talk about figures and our own experience, last year the best selling marijuana seeds were:

1-Shot adrenaline (Samsara Seeds)
2-Big Devil 2 (Sweet Seeds)
3-New York Special (World of seeds)


And if you want a list of the cannabis seeds which European growers were most excited about, they were:

1-Sugar Black Rose (Delicious Seeds)
2-Maxi gom (grass o matic)
3-Automazar (dutch passion)


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You can read the same post in Spanish (Semillas de marihuana más vendidas en 2011) and French (Graines de marijuana les plus vendues en 2011).

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