Bernard Kouchner: “we must legalize cannabis”

The microphone of BFM TV, Bernard Kouchner, said that “repression does not work, we have to legalize cannabis.”


According to the former minister of health, cannabis “feeds bands and made ​​money in the cities.” Mr. Kouchner is very clear, we must “le-ga-li-ze.” The former Minister hopes that this drug becomes legal despite the fact that we know the effects it can have on behavior. Obviously not cannabis driving or down the street, but only at home.

Bernard Kouchner even says that “we will always be the last, after the United States, England, Spain …” . In addition, the public will be according to him, in favor of such legislation because “we must remove all this underground money, which is huge.

The former Minister of Health seems very confident regarding the legalization (only) of cannabis, he said even have to have when it was proposed Foreign Minister Nicolas Sarkozy with.

Cannabis and legalization, what is your opinion?

In terms of the views of Lyon we interviewed, some are against the legalization of cannabis. These people think that “if the dealers no longer sell hashish, then they will sell the hardest drugs.” Others also believe that cannabis should not become a legal substance: “Cannabis is a drug, it may not be legal” .

Conversely, some people think that cannabis should be allowed home. “He could earn large sums of money to the state, and end the street traffic.”

And you, what do you think?

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