A student is fighting to be able to consume medicinal marijuana at university

This Canadian student, suffering from a serious genetic disease, was prescribed medicinal marijuana to ease his pain. But the university refuses to let him attend classes under the influence of drugs.


Photo: A student from Saskatchewan filed a complaint in court because her school wants to forbid him to smoke medicinal cannabis near the property and attend his courses under the effect of this drug. This is the first case of its kind in Canada, according lawyers.

Michael Wileniec, Canadian student aged 21, is struggling with a serious genetic disease that causes benign tumors toba5c27d614125ac18d66decc8b845186 appear on his bones, affecting the nervous system. To alleviate the pain caused by this disease, his doctor prescribed medicinal marijuana, as is possible in Canada since September 2013. As shown in this article The Canadian Press, the young man has recently come into conflict with his University because it refuses to let him attend classes under the influence of drugs.

Michael Wileniec studies at the University of Saskatchewan, the largest university in the province of the Canadian center. The management of the school, behind the ban, considers that his cannabis use, any medicinal as it is, represents “a security risk” of the institution. Michael first tried to plead his case before a school board, but failed to hear his arguments. Determined, he hired a lawyer and is now continuing his university to court. His lawyer, Heather Funk believes that the establishment decision to prohibit of her medicinal marijuana is discriminatory for his client, since all other students are allowed to take their medication at school.


A difficult school career

The family of Michael Wileniec even proposed to management that uses an odorless spray in the nurse’s office, but this latter has refused. What particularly shocked the student is that the school management had assured him at the time of registration, he could follow his treatment without problems. But then the student be absent several months for surgery to the legs. On his return, management has served with a rules change.

No date has yet been set to settle the conflict, but the possibility that the judgment only happens once a graduate Michael is likely. This did not hold to want to “fight this fight for others“, as he tells La Presse. According to the information site, the agency Health Canada estimates that 40,000 patients possess cannabis for medicinal purposes in the country. But the average consumer age is between 41 and 60 years, away from 21 Michael.

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