Types of pipe for BHO

We are going to show the types of pipe for BHO we have, because there are different not only in appearance , depending on507_bong-cristal which we will get some results or other.

There are different models and brands of borosilicate pipes, but you are not going to show brands but the different effects of smoking that we using in one way or the other. Some are large, small, two-story bubblers, wide mouth, with thin mouth … Depending which we use come in one way or tell you which is the best way to enjoy it. Continue reading

Cake yogurt and strawberries with Cannabis

A sweet and very simple recipe to prepare. A cold pie now that the warm weather arrives, to enjoy a rather rich dessert without make you sick too. We talk about yogurt and strawberry pie with cannabis, which need not be baked and is made ​​in a very short time. The following explains the ingredients and method of preparation:

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A student is fighting to be able to consume medicinal marijuana at university

This Canadian student, suffering from a serious genetic disease, was prescribed medicinal marijuana to ease his pain. But the university refuses to let him attend classes under the influence of drugs.


Photo: A student from Saskatchewan filed a complaint in court because her school wants to forbid him to smoke medicinal cannabis near the property and attend his courses under the effect of this drug. This is the first case of its kind in Canada, according lawyers. Continue reading

Pest and Fungi: Whitefly


Whitefly is called by its presence of two wings and white appearance, does not exceed 2 mm in length. The wings serve to move from one plant to another with relative ease. During the winter it is permanently on the undersides of the leaves. They are attracted by the yellow and light green. It feeds on young leaves and plant parts. The whitefly is very easy to spot, just move a little plant Grasp the stem, so fly away from it. They are very small and as its name suggests, white.

Underside of a leaf filled with whitefly eggs. Continue reading

Cannabis was rated best treatment against fibromyalgia

cannabis_best_treatment_for_fibromyagia-8f13cIt was discovered during a recent survey that cannabis was the most effective treatment against fibromyalgia, with an efficiency exceeding all existing drugs.

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that s chronic fatigue accompanying deep muscle pain, migraines and depression. Although patients with this disorder have a choice of three drugs, the good old cannabis has proven that its action exceeded that of all drugs synthesized in the laboratory. In a recent online survey conducted by the National Pain Foundation, more than 1,300 patients with fibromyalgia were interviewed. The result is that cannabis has been designated as the most effective for the treatment of symptoms. Continue reading

Drying homemade with cardboard box

In this manual, we caught a case where beer bottles go. But any box serves, the size you want. We chose this because it is what we had on hand, and for its small size, come in handy for drying autoflowering cannabis plants. Say drying quality is much better to hang in a room without the necessary conditions.

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Pest and Fungi: Red Spider


The red spider is a mite with four legs, an abdomen and head. Its size is approximately 0.5 mm and has a peculiar feature in its color, is light green with two black spots in the summer months and orange unblemished in autumn and winter.

In short, at different stages of development presents colorful distinct as white, beige, red-brown and green, depending also on the tree or plant you stay or time of year.

Underside of a leaf with red spider.
Underside of a leaf with red spider.

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